Beige - Matt finish

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The porcelain stoneware slabs in the Ford collection draw their inspiration from the enigmatic charm of Scandinavia, those places where stone is a dominant part of the landscape; here, nature itself, with its strength, erodes the rock to create beguiling protrusions and dips which stand proudly and solemnly on the North Sea.


1200x600 x 8mm - 2 tiles per box - 1.44m2

1200 x 600 x 11mm - 2 tiles per box - 1.44m2

600x600 x 8mm  - 4 tiles per box - 1.44m2

600x600 x 11mm  - 3 tiles per box - 1.08m2

600 x 300 x 8mm - 8tiles per box - 1.44m2

600x300 x 11mm  - 5 tiles per box - 0.90m2

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