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All our vanities are made from colours from our Large Tile & Slabs collection on our home page. When ordering please state which colour and finish you would like your vanity in. Please don't hesitate to drop us a line if you need any assistance.

Capricorn is a wall-mounted double washbasin. Capricorn can be specified with a flat or sloping sink base and is suitable for wall or surface-mounted tap systems. Capricorn has optional storage and can be specified with cavities for storage buckets, laundry baskets or waste bins. Base can be fixed or removable for easy cleaning. Capricorn is manufactured at our design studio in approximately 6-10 weeks. Each item is made-to-order and can be specified with an array of colours and syles. Please see specification below. The sizes shown are representative only, as your item will be made to your specific size and fitment requirements. Parameters for width, height and depth (w x h x d) measurements are quoted as a guide.

To discuss your interior design and home décor requirements speak with our design technicians who can walk you through the various options and discuss how to bring your ideas to reality.

Item - Capricorn

DescriptionWall-mounted double basin

Model - Capricorn Junior | Capricorn Max

Dimensions (mm) (tolerance ±2mm)

Capricorn Junior

Length (L): 1400-1800
Height (H): 120-250 or 350-450 w/storage
Depth (D): 450-650

45-65 kg

Capricorn Max

Length (L): 1801-2200
Height (H): 120-250 or 350-450 w/storage
Depth (D): 450-650

45-65 kg


Please note that we do not supply taps. If the tap configuration specified is deck-mounted, the item will come with pre-drilled tap holes to the spacing specifications provided during the order process. We provide a standard diameter of 35 mm for all tap holes; however we can cut these to any size in order to accommodate your individual needs. There are many different sizes available on the market so please consult tap manufacturer’s specification