Arabescato Orobico 6mm

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 Tones of white, combined with different grey and brown accents and thinning shades of ochre give Arabescato Orobico an intense, sinuous aesthetic.

The polished finish highlights the fineness of this surface.
Also available as a book match version, Arabescato Orobico is the ideal choice for prestigious architectural projects and interior décor, whether residential, commercial or public.

375x750x6mm Polished 6 tiles per box 1.68 M2

750x750x6mm Polished 3 tiles per box 1.68 M2

750x1500x6mm Polished 2 tiles per box 2.25 M2

1500x1500x6mm Polished 1 tile per box 2.25 M2

1500x3000x6mm Polished 1 tile per box 4.5 M2

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